USGS Task Order – Multi-Region 133UA 1-foot Ortho (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, Harrisburg, PA, Greensboro- Winston-Salem, NC, and Columbia, SC)

The USGS awarded DAS a Task Order to provide high resolution natural color imagery covering 1,583 square miles of the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 133UA, 513 square miles of the Harrisburg PA 133 UA, 1,509 square miles of the Greensboro- Winston-Salem NC, and 804 square miles of the Columbia SC 133

UA.   The total combined area of all regions was 4,409 square miles.


DAS collected 0.3 meter (1-ft) GSD imagery during the fall 2011 and spring 2012 leaf-off season. Imagery was collect using our Leica ADS40 (51/52) digital sensors.


DAS collected supplemental ground control to be used to supplement the Airborne GPS and IMU data during the production process.  Additionally, ground control quality check points were collected which were used by the USGS for validation of the final data.


Natural  color  digital orthorectified images were produced at a

0.3meter (1-ft) GSD resolution.  The orthos were referenced to

NAD83, UTM meters, Zones as appropriate, and NAVD88.

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