Quick Response Imagery Program


Hurricane Rita

Because of our close proximity to areas that are susceptible tnatural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes, DAS recognized early after founding that there was a critical gap in the ability of the existing geospatial industry to quickly respond tthe need for the immediate access tcurrent accurate post disaster geospatial data. Although especially true of data to support first responders, there has also been a gap in the availability of data to support follow-on analysis such as storm surge limits, debris lines, individual structure damage, transportation and infrastructure destruction, recovery efforts, overall damage assessment, along with other aspects.


Building Damage

In response to this recognition, DAS researched and developed a cost effective Quick Response Imagery Program that can be tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. DAS has successfully tested this program while supporting damage assessment activities following hurricanes during 2004 and 2005 for FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). DAS has alsnegotiated a contract agreement with one of our current Florida county clients tprovide quick response imagery in response to hurricane or man made disasters. 

Hurricane Support 2004

Hurricane Support 2004

Key components of our program include:

  • Availability of either planar or geo-rectified imagery within 24-
  • 48-hours after successful acquisition of imagery
  • Delivery of data in formats that allow data
  •  to be combined/viewed with existing geospatial databases
  • Ability to quickly provide follow-on analysis of imagery –
  • — Storm surge limits
  • — Debris lines
  • — Individual structure damage
  • — Transportation and infrastructure destruction
  • — Overall damage assessment
  • — Custom requirements of clients
  • Ability to process imagery int multiple formats following initial support activities
  • Ability to provide imagery in resolutions from 6-inch to 1- meter
  • Ability to immediately respond tpredetermined requirements along with the ability to customize requirements as needed
  • Ability to negotiate pricing up-front for common products
  • Ability to have a contracting vehicle in place