Position: Leica ADS40 ADS80 (SH91) and ALS60 ALS70 Digital Sensor Operator

Job Description:

Digital Aerial Solutions, LLC, Tampa, Florida Based, provides precision aerial data acquisition, photogrammetry, mapping services for federal, state, and local governments is seeking experienced Leica ADS40, ADS80, and ALS60, ALS70 Digital Sensor Operator. The company will consider training competent applicants having experience on other large-format digital sensors and LiDAR systems. Digital Aerial Solutions’ ADS40, ADS80 and ALS60, ALS70 digital sensors are flown in twin engine pressurized Cessna 421C Golden Eagle and 441 Conquest II aircraft.

The position requires a general knowledge of aerial photography, airborne imagery acquisition (Imagery and LiDAR), data download and management. Candidate applicant must be able & desire to work in an airborne remote sensing environment demonstrating a cooperative teamwork behavior. He or she should be prepared for extended periods of travel. The candidate must be willing to work any clear-weather day of the week as required.

We offer competitive salary compensation, a major medical health package, and a long term career opportunity. Candidate must be a citizen of the US or in possession of a valid green card.

Applications will be accepted via e-mail. Please include relevant experience and last 24-month compensation history (in-confidence) to Mr. Joshua Helton, VP/Assistant General Manager

e-mail: jhelton@digitalaerial.com
website: www.digitalaerial.com

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