Elevation Colored LiDAR

Elevation Colored LiDAR

DAS added the Leica ALS60 and ALS70 LiDAR system, which further enables DAS to compete in the highly technical field of geospatial surveying and remote sending and increase our ability to serve our customers’ needs.

With the Leica ALS60’s and ALS70’s modular platform, DAS is able to integrate additional airborne sensors to offer concurrent, high quality airborne images from its LiDAR surveys, providing clients with an additional visual perspective of their project area.

DAS has completed corridor mapping projects as well as large area collects.  We can provide multiple deliverables including but not limited to:

  • DEM


    Digital Elevation models (DEM)

  • Bare earth classified Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Corridor surveys
  • Small or large tract topographic mapping
  • Forestry surveys
  • LAS deliverables
  • GIS deliverables