Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) – Multiple Florida Counties

July 2005, Digital Aerial Solutions, LLC (DAS) was awarded a three year contract by the Florida Department of Revenue for statewide digital ortho photography. This contract provides statewide digital ortho photography services on a task assignment basis to selected vendors.  Based on performance, DAS received a contract renewal through Jun 2013.


DAS  has  supported  the  DOR  program  through  several  task orders.  Recent examples include:

  • o Levy County
  • o Polk County
  • o Alachua County
  • o Walton County


A typical task order includes the collection of either 6-inch or 1- foot GSD digital imagery and the production of digital ortho photography.  DAS provides the option to produce 4-band (R, G, B, I), natural color (RGB), or color infrared digital imagery.


DAS processes the imagery using a fully digital workflow process based on commercial softcopy photogrammetric software such as Applanix, GPro/XPro, SOCET SET®, ORIMA and OrthoVista.

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