Digital Orthophotography

Digital orthophotographyDigital orthophotography has become a valuable foundation for the development of GIS layers such as parcel boundaries, transportation networks, hydrography, and others. Its accuracy and extraordinary detail allows for the development and/or modification of related data as needed to support the requirements of individual clients and users.

Digital orthophotographyDAS has developed a streamlined digital production process to produce orthophotography. The digital workflow process utilizes commercial softcopy photogrammetric software such as Applanix, Leica GPro, XPro, SOCET SET®, ORIMA and OrthoVista.

The image strips are processed and rectified as 16 bit data in order to preserve this color content and for more effective radiometric adjustment than is possible with 8 bit imagery. Corrections to the overall tonal balance will be made through radiometric adjustment.

Digital orthophotographyDuring the mosaicking process, ground features appearing in the orthophoto imagery, such as building roof tops, water towers, and radio towers, will not be clipped at seamlines or between individual tiles. The final mosaic will be uniform in contrast and shade to eliminate any noticeable variations from the aerial imagery or during orthoimagery creations. During the finishing stage the mosaicked images are clipped to the tile boundaries and the tile naming convention is applied.