• als70hp-1 Point Density Multiplier – doubling productivity
  • New range counting circuitry
  • Low electronic “overhead”, allowing pulse rates closer to the “speed of light” limit for given flying height (all models)
  • 25% reduction in number of PCBs
  • Dual-output scanner (ALS70-HP only) doubles effective pulse rate and scan rate
  • Single laser
  • Single galvanometer scanner
  • Single receiver optics
  • als70hp-2Laser output split into two beams (slight forward and slight rearward look angle)
  • Dual receivers
  • Autoscan feature monitors flying height and speed over round and adjusts scan rate to help to keep scan patterns out-of-phase with one another (see separate ppt for details)
  • Multiple scan patterns (sine, triangle and raster) for greater flexibility in point pattern on ground
  • Increased receiver bandwidth and dynamic range, for better detection of small and/or low-reflectivity surfaces (e.g., power lines, fresh asphalt)
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