ADS80 91 Sensor Head

ads8091-2As we are committed to our customers needs for quality data and quick results, it is imperative that we continue to upgrade our technology. The new Leica ADS80 SH 91 is a first step towards a next generation ADS. The new SH91 features an all new optics that overall leads to a total system weight reduction of between 15 to 20kg (depending on IMU). Total installed system weight will thus be 145 -150kg. In addition, the new Sensor head provides even better image quality as it has increased transmissivity in blue and even better image resolution across all bands.

ads8091-1Technical Features

  • 20000 nadir pixel swath in RGBN
  • Improved HiRes mode through Pentachroid offers 33000 pixels across
  • 5um pixel size, with TDI
  • FOV 77°, 1000m AGL, 8cm GSD, 1600m swath
  • RGBN Pentachroid in FWD, BWD, NADIR
  • Cycle time 0.8ms
  • Stabilized lens system
  • Uses CC32 as common platform
  • Reduces size and weight of overall system by 15kg
  • RGBN1N2 Remote Sensing Option with 20000
  • Longer focal length 120mm
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